ISNI Membership information

Why be an ISNI member

Being an ISNI member, you will join an outstanding group of scientists and researches worldwide with whom you share a common interest. You will also have the opportunity to make contacts with other scientists.

As a member, your registration fees to attend the biennial ISNI congresses will be reduced.
The cost of an annual membership fee is as low as € 50 or $ 65 compared to € 100 or $ 130 discount on both the biennial ISNI congress and ESNI course registration fees. Furthermore, only trainee members are eligible for travel awards to the biennial ISNI congresses* and ESNI Courses.

*provided they have submitted an accepted abstract

Other member benefits are the Society’s newsletter and a free access to position announcements.
Members will also have free access to a Reserved Area video podcasts of selected plenary speakers’ lectures held at ISNI congresses and an electronic access to our congress papers & abstracts.

Membership Benefits at a glance

  • Get € 100 – $ 135 on ISNI congresses registration fees*
  • Members-only discount on all ESNI (European School of Neuroimmunology) courses*
  • Opportunity to post job announcements on our online Job Opportunities section
  • Network with colleagues around the world to share best practices, proven methodologies and more 
  • Free access exclusive contents online 

*Ordinary members

Membership Categories


Individuals with a professional interest in the field of neuroimmunology or related areas. Ordinary members have a doctoral level degree or equivalent scientific accomplishments. Once inducted into the Society, Ordinary members may hold office, nominate and elect the International Advisory Board and Officers of the Board, nominate members, and vote to change the Bylaws.

New Membership 2016 | €  75.00 ($ 97.50)

Renewal 2016 | € 50.00  ($ 65.00)



Students in training in fields relevant to the neuroimmunology filed or related areas***. This includes postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates. Trainee members are also eligible for travel grants and presentation awards. The less tangible, but more important, benefits of joining ISNI includes the opportunity to interact with your peers and the most accomplished scientists in the neuroimmunology field and related areas. Many career opportunities, scientific ideas, and collaborations can result from an ISNI membership.
Membership requests as a Trainee, must be accompanied by a valid student card and by a letter signed by the head or supervisor of department confirming the status. (Send this to

New Membership 2016 | €  20.00 ($ 26.00)

Renewal 2016 | € 20.00 ($ 26.00)

***This category is only valid until the year you turn 35.

For more information about membership categories and applying for membership, please contact the ISNI secretariat:

Members in arrears with previous payments
All members with more than 3 years in a row overdue on their membership fees, should apply as a New Member.
Should you prefer not to lose the status on returning member, the payment of all overdue annualities is required.