Miljković, Djordje

Date and place of birth: January 5th, 1975, Belgrade, Serbia

Residence: Belgrade, Serbia


University of Belgrade, School of Biology, Belgrade, Serbia
1999: BSc in Molecular Biology and Physiology.
2001: MSc in Immunology (thesis title: The influence of xenobiotics leflunomide and mycophenolic acid on inducible nitric oxide-gene expression in rat astrocytes and macrophages)
2002: PhD in Biology (Neuroimmunology) (thesis title: The role of interleukin-17 in the interaction between endothelial cells and lymphocytes).


1999: Research trainee, Laboratory for Immunology, Department of Neurobiology and Immunology, Institute for Biological Research “Sinisa Stankovic”, Belgrade
2001 – 2003: Assistant Researcher
2003 – 2008: Researcher
2006 – 2007: Post-doc position at the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology, Martinsried, Germany at prof. Wekerle’s Department of Neuroimmunology
2008: Research Professor, Department of Immunology, Institute for Biological Research “Sinisa Stankovic”, Belgrade
2009 – 2010: Coordinator of a bilateral project founded by Serbian Ministry of Science and Education and German Academic Exhange Service. Project title: The role of the spleen in controlling T cell-mediated autoimmunity
2010: Neuroimmunology Group Leader
2010: Member of the Committee of COST Action BM1001, ECMNET, Brain Extracellular Matrix in Health and Disease
2011 – 2012: Coordinator of a bilateral project founded by Serbian Ministry of Science and Education and German Academic Exchange Service. Project title: Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis recovery mechanisms
2011: Project leader, Project title: Cellular and molecular mechanisms of recovery of rats from experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, granted by Serbian Ministry of Science and Education, grant N° 173035


Neuroimmunology. CNS-immune system interaction. Autoimmune response. Expertise in experimental autoimmune enchephalomyelitis, cellular immunology and in some aspects of molecular biology.


1997 – 2001: Grant from the Foundation for Studies in Science and Art (Serbian Academy of Science and Art)
2006: Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Bonn, Germany)
2008: Return Fellowship and Equipment donation (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)


A reviewer for the following journals: Acta Pharmacological Sinica, Brain Research, Neuroscience Letters, Journal of Neuroscience Research, Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Cytokine, British Journal of Pharmacology, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, Nitric Oxide and for international grant proposals for the Board Medical Research Program, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Grants, The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Foundation, Los Angeles, California, USA and for Wetenschappelijk Fonds Willy Gepts, UZ Brussel, Belgium.
A member of the Serbian Immunological Society, the Serbian Biochemical Society, the Serbian Neuroscience Society, the Serbian Society for Mitochondrial and Free-Radical Physiology, the Serbian Biological Society, the Serbian Humboldt Club, the International Society of Neuroimmunology and the American Association of Immunologists.
A lecturer at the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade (molecular immunology, autoimmunity, neuroimmunology, immunology and evolution).
An organizer of the institutional seminar at the Institute for Biological Research “Sinisa Stankovic”.
A volunteer for The MadSci Network, an organization for the improvement of scientific knowledge.
A member of the Scientific Committee for Biology founded by the Serbian Ministry of Science and Education.


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