Science Fly Zone

The International Society of Neuroimmunology stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian population and with its scientists.


We fully endorse the statements by ALLEA, the International Science Council, IUIS and EFIS, and we commit to support the Ukrainian scientific community.


To help alleviate the disasters caused by war, we are writing to encourage our associates to join the global solidarity wave uniting scientists and to welcome fleeing students and researchers in their labs. There are lists of life scientists who have offered help at various levels (lab space, scholarship, accommodation, establishment of further contacts), and these can be found at the following links:


We invite you to visit these websites and to provide your contacts, in case you can offer any form of assistance. To amplify this message, please forward this to your colleagues and to your institution.


The ultimate aim of science is to serve society, and as Pasteur said, “Science knows no country, and is the torch which illuminates the world.” May this torch bring some light in these dark days of war.