Stourac, Pavel

Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Center
Department of Neurology
Faculty Hospital, Masaryk University Brno

Phone: +420-532233396
Fax: +420-532232249

Dr. Stourac is the Head of the Multiple Sclerosis Centre at the Department of Neurology, Faculty Hospital, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic.

He graduated in 1984 and received Ph.D in neuroimmunology in 2001. He passed postgraduate training in neuroimmunology in neuroimmunological laboratories in Barcelona, Spain (prof.Graus) and Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA and in other neuroimmunological centers. Dr. Stourac participated in EU PNS Euronetwork programmes in the period 2002-2008. He is a member of the Czech Neuroimmunological Society and member of the International Advisory Drug Board.

He published in various national and international journals on neuroimmunological topics. His current interests mainly focused on laboratory diagnostics of various paraneoplastic neurological syndromes and pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis.